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Tips on finding a private Chef in London

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Tips on finding a private Chef in London

Looking for a home personal Chef

Cooking can be a daunting task, especially if you have fussy eaters at home, children with special dietary requirements or if you run a tight daily schedule. While there are lots of takeaway food options and restaurants in London, heading to the restaurant every day is a waste of time and money.

Private Chef in London offers a much better and healthier alternative. The experienced personal chef will take care of not only your cooking but also most of your household duties. You can now enjoy a restaurant-style meal in the comfort of your home without trying to talk over blasting music in the restaurant or spend time travelling there and finding a parking space.

Even if you have friends and family over, you no longer have to spend time cooking in the kitchen. You just have to hire a private chef to do all the cooking for you while you enjoy yourselves.

Besides, with a personal chef hire at home, you can learn new cooking techniques and cuisines or to add a special touch to any occasion. With so many reasons to finding a quality private chef in London, here are some hints and tips which can help you find the perfect chef for your tastes and requirements

  • The first place you have to start looking for your chef is at a knowledgeable private staffing recruitment company. These companies not only source qualified and the right candidates for your personal cooking requirements, they also arrange interviews to ensure you hire the right person. You can clear any doubts you may have about the chef at the interview, and find out all you need to know about them.

Private Chef

  • Discuss your tastes

    as it’s important you hire a personal chef who can take care of your dietary and cuisine tastes. Ask them to come up with some sample menus to determine the type of cooking they are used to.


Professional personal or private chefs jump at a reason to show off their culinary skills and by reviewing their sample menu, you will be able to gauge the chef’s style of cooking. No matter if you are looking for family-oriented meals or some high cuisine, you need to find the right chef for yourself.


  • Find out about the cook’s cooking background

    Find out how he had acquired his cooking skills to determine if he is the right private chef for you. Also ask him what he offers to make him stand out from other personal chefs. Look out for factors like use of high quality ingredients, menu creativity and safe food cooking methods.


  • While it’s rare, there’s always the possibility of an accident occurring while cooking in the sometimes dangerous kitchen environment. This is why you need to hire a private chef who has personal liability insurance so that you are not held responsible if any accident does occur.


  • Of course, like any job position, you need to check the cook hire’s past references. Never fall for the looks of an accomplished and friendly candidate. Don’t assume he is the perfect fit for your home and family without checking his references. While successful household staffing recruitment agencies take care of all this before you even meet the chef, but it’s always better for you if you double check to find out how the cook’s previous employer felt about his cooking and professionalism.

Private Chef London

  • Ask if the cook is affiliated with a professional organization as it helps eliminate amateur cooks from professionals. Private Chefs belonging to organizations are true professionals who follow high culinary standards and business practices.


They are interested in learning more and are constantly evolving and growing in their skills to serve you better. They are also well versed with the latest trends, expertise and research that the industry has to offer.

Reasons for finding a private chef

With a personal chef cooking delicious meals using the finest and chosen ingredients, there are various reasons for you to hire one. The most obvious is while entertaining friends or colleagues where your private chef will design the perfect and and cook your meal for menu for your party while you enjoy yourself. In addition to this, they can:

  • Make any summer BBQ formal or informal outdoor garden party entertaining.

  • Offer in home catering service for any holiday, New Year’s Eve dinner party, engagement, birthday party, housewarming, anniversary, Christmas and even stag or fun hen parties.


  • Help you impress your clients or directors at a working lunch meeting or business dinner party. They take care of all your dining arrangement so that you can carry on with your business.


  • Make your romantic evening for two on your valentine dinner, anniversary, birthday or any occasion where you just want to show your love to your partner.


  • If you are on a holiday in London, your London private chef  will be at service on your yacht, holiday summer home, private jet or chalet so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation in style.


  • Help you diet as everyone knows its difficult dieting and eating the same boring diet food. Your personal chef will plan all your meals, measure out your portion and do all your delicious diet food cooking for you.


  • Teach you new skills and techniques with private cooking classes at home. So if you had always want to learn sushi catering or delicious authentic French cooking, your personal chef hire will teach it to you.


  • Hold a chef demonstration to both entertain your guests, and let you all enjoy a delicious meal at the same time.


  • Throw interactive cooking birthday parties for theme parties like Halloween cooking party or cake party and make this birthday a birthday they will remember for some time to come.

  • Last, but not least, your personal chef will not only cook your food, but also plate and serve it and even leave your kitchen spotless on leaving. What’s more, you will be left with fridge of neatly-packed leftovers for the next day, which is much better than having cold pizza for lunch!

With so many reasons, and tips to finding a quality private chef London, you should have no problems or dilemma in finding the perfect private cook for any occasion!


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4 Great Tips Marketing as a Private Chef

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Private chef marketing

Starting your own business comes along with some awesome experience. So what happens when you start your private chef business in a city like London where there are hundreds of businesses of the same nature?

How do you make your business known to the people?

And finally, how do you create your database of customers whom you can always rely on for your services?

Here are 4 effective ways of promoting your private chef business in London.

Social media

Make use of the social media to market your private chef business. Create a Facebook page for your business. Constantly keep on posting things on your page and invite as many friends as possible to like it. Take pictures of services and food you have prepared in your previous occasions and post them here. Always remind your Facebook friends to contact you when in need of your chef services.


Talk about your private chef business to all people you meet and interact with. If you’re shy, then take a marketing course to reduce your marketing fear. Have no fear when approaching total strangers and saying “Hi, I’m (your name), and I’m a Personal Chef….” Develop a marketing phrase that you will tell anyone when interacting and post it in all your social media sites.

Happy chef face


Collect and develop a database of prospective customers. Make use of any Customer Resource Management (CRM) software to keep a database of customers and prospects. This will help you to know whom you have worked with in the past so you can re-target them and who has expressed interest but have yet to serve them. Send or mail them your postcards at least bi monthly to keep reminding them of your presence and the great services you can offer.

Remember you’re competing with a number of private chefs and you want to keep your business fresh in their minds when it comes time to have their event catered. On your chef business postcard, be sure to include the following elements.

call to Action: Your postcard should feature a call to action. In other words; what do you want your recipient to do next? Do you want them to call you? Visit your website? If you’d like the recipient to call you, it would be a great idea to ask them to mention that they received the postcard to receive a discount or special offer.

Contact Information: As mentioned under “call to action” be sure to include your contact information on the postcard. Think about the action you’d like the recipient to take. Do you want the recipient to call you? Would you rather send them to your website? Make sure that if you include multiple ways of contacting you, you can accurately track how they found your business. You want to ensure you can track the customer back to the direct mail campaign that you sent to prospects.

Business cards

Carry your business cards everywhere, and give them to everyone – local stores, network meetings, people you meet, at events, to friends & family etc. These (and your voice) are the least expensive way of promoting your private chef business in London. So how do you make your chef business card?
Getting business cards printed is not only cheap but will go a long way with marketing the business. There are dozens of printing services throughout London such as the Greenwich printing company.

Your catering business cards must contain the following information.

Your name – although not all business cards are required to have a particular name of an individual, this creates an image of a more personalized business. A specific contact person is what you are giving the recipient of the card.

Website Address – the Internet has become an asset in making your business known. Many companies would spend money to create and maintain a website about their business. People can easily get the information they need about your business with the aid of the World Wide Web.

Phone Numbers – Include your mobile number for customers to easily reach when they need your services. Never place a contact number on the card which you no longer use for business purposes.

Email Address – If you want your customers to contact you through your email, then you need to include it in your business card – your business tagline or description. The tagline should be a catchy phrase that would describe your business or service. This will make people to easily remember your business and contact you when the need your chef services.

Personal chef success

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5 Steps to becoming a private chef

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A personal chef creates meals for individuals or families in private homes. He or she usually plans menus, shops for ingredients and also prepares meals that suits the clients’ requests, as well as nutritional necessities. Read on to find out the steps to becoming a personal chef in London.

Frustrated Chef1

1. You need to think about your food skills and experiences

Obtain training if you don’t have adequate cooking skills. Well, the skills and experience is what will make you stand out from the crowd. It is safe to say that the best personal chefs are those with a solid understanding of cooking techniques. Employers want skill, flair and consistency. Therefore, it’s imperative that you understand your unique selling points and be sure to promote these to stay ahead of your competitors.

2. Obtain licenses, permits and certification

Any job involving food handling in London requires that you comply with the relevant laws. Besides that, you need to be aware about the many other aspects of running your own show, such as advertising and budgeting. If you are planning to work with friends and family members, you should also ensure that they have a food hygiene certificate. Basically, you have to comply with all the rules laid down by the Food Standards Agency including inspection procedures, such as laws on food handling, labelling, and storage.

3. Develop a recipe inventory

Your clients will have a variety of tastes and nutritional needs. For instance, some customers may desire kid-friendly entrees or low-salt menus. Additionally, the meals must freeze and defrost well. Keep in mind that clients want a personal chef who keeps up with key food trends; therefore, you should consider getting recipes that fit these criteria from specialty cookbooks.

Great food

4. Establish pricing for your services

This can be done based upon the cost of labour and materials used. If calculating the cost is a daunting task, consider using some of the softwares available to assist you with your math. The other suitable option is to compare the prices offered by competitors to determine what rates are typical in an area.

5. Advertise your private chef services

You can choose to advertise your services online and locally to find customers. Alternatively, you can sign up with a personal chef agency. An agency has adequate experience in the field and can help promote your skills and expertise and find you more clients.

It is always an imperative idea to start working with a few clients, and if they are impressed with the good job it’s likely that they will recommend you to their guests who will want to hire you too.

Happy private chef


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