4 Great Tips Marketing as a Private Chef

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Private chef marketing

Starting your own business comes along with some awesome experience. So what happens when you start your private chef business in a city like London where there are hundreds of businesses of the same nature?

How do you make your business known to the people?

And finally, how do you create your database of customers whom you can always rely on for your services?

Here are 4 effective ways of promoting your private chef business in London.

Social media

Make use of the social media to market your private chef business. Create a Facebook page for your business. Constantly keep on posting things on your page and invite as many friends as possible to like it. Take pictures of services and food you have prepared in your previous occasions and post them here. Always remind your Facebook friends to contact you when in need of your chef services.


Talk about your private chef business to all people you meet and interact with. If you’re shy, then take a marketing course to reduce your marketing fear. Have no fear when approaching total strangers and saying “Hi, I’m (your name), and I’m a Personal Chef….” Develop a marketing phrase that you will tell anyone when interacting and post it in all your social media sites.

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Collect and develop a database of prospective customers. Make use of any Customer Resource Management (CRM) software to keep a database of customers and prospects. This will help you to know whom you have worked with in the past so you can re-target them and who has expressed interest but have yet to serve them. Send or mail them your postcards at least bi monthly to keep reminding them of your presence and the great services you can offer.

Remember you’re competing with a number of private chefs and you want to keep your business fresh in their minds when it comes time to have their event catered. On your chef business postcard, be sure to include the following elements.

call to Action: Your postcard should feature a call to action. In other words; what do you want your recipient to do next? Do you want them to call you? Visit your website? If you’d like the recipient to call you, it would be a great idea to ask them to mention that they received the postcard to receive a discount or special offer.

Contact Information: As mentioned under “call to action” be sure to include your contact information on the postcard. Think about the action you’d like the recipient to take. Do you want the recipient to call you? Would you rather send them to your website? Make sure that if you include multiple ways of contacting you, you can accurately track how they found your business. You want to ensure you can track the customer back to the direct mail campaign that you sent to prospects.

Business cards

Carry your business cards everywhere, and give them to everyone – local stores, network meetings, people you meet, at events, to friends & family etc. These (and your voice) are the least expensive way of promoting your private chef business in London. So how do you make your chef business card?
Getting business cards printed is not only cheap but will go a long way with marketing the business. There are dozens of printing services throughout London such as the Greenwich printing company.

Your catering business cards must contain the following information.

Your name – although not all business cards are required to have a particular name of an individual, this creates an image of a more personalized business. A specific contact person is what you are giving the recipient of the card.

Website Address – the Internet has become an asset in making your business known. Many companies would spend money to create and maintain a website about their business. People can easily get the information they need about your business with the aid of the World Wide Web.

Phone Numbers – Include your mobile number for customers to easily reach when they need your services. Never place a contact number on the card which you no longer use for business purposes.

Email Address – If you want your customers to contact you through your email, then you need to include it in your business card – your business tagline or description. The tagline should be a catchy phrase that would describe your business or service. This will make people to easily remember your business and contact you when the need your chef services.

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